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January 29, 2014

We welcome your support.

Financial – As you can imagine, legal fees are mounting. A number of expert witnesses from across the country are part of their defense team, and from the detailed update above, you know that they are still facing what may be a prolonged legal battle. The expenses seem daunting and never-ending, but any contribution can make a difference.  A legal defense fund has been set up at Wells Fargo Bank in Chico:

Gabe Ayala
355 Memorial Way
Chico, CA 95926

Or to use Paypal, payment can be made to the following email address:

Court Hearings –  Here are the proposed court dates – please join us in attending the hearing to show your support for the Yhip family:

August 29, 2017 At 1:30 pm – Butte County Superior Court

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