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January 27, 2014

The Butte County District Attorney’s case is founded on a belief that Benjamin Yhip passed away as a result of abusive head trauma formerly called shaken baby syndrome (SBS). SBS is a medical finding so questioned in the medical community that an SBS pioneer, Dr. Norman Guthkelch, now questions the existence of SBS and its use in criminal cases, stating:

When we make incorrect medical diagnoses, our advice and treatment is likely to be suboptimal or even harmful. This is particularly true in cases involving retino-dural hemorrhage of infancy, where a wrong diagnosis may send innocent parents and caretakers to prison.

Expert medical researchers have offered a number of alternative hypotheses for forensic findings that mimic SBS. The following are just a few examples of the many medical research papers and legal opinions critical of SBS. We ask that you thoughtfully consider the significant medical and legal thinkers represented in the documents below and consider supporting Peter & Edelyn Yhip in their fight against the district attorney’s unfair charges against them.

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